Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bourne Dust

Finally, I have completed almost all the episodes of mifa8 Fashion Forward. At the moment, we are waiting for the KL International Fashion Week 2007 which will begin in 2 weeks time & where mifa8 will present their collections. So, I'm busy doing editing at the moment after a two week shoot. I'm way behind on a lot of things.

I owe John Badalu an English subtitles for CHOICE which I'm trying to do at the moment also, movies that I'm missing that I have to catch up on and tomorrow is another hectic day for me as I have to run QUITE a FEW errands but I'm loving it!!

I had the chance to watch STARDUST last week, thanks to Sia & Sok Kee for the free tickets. I've read about the movie but I didn't know that it would be that good. I enjoyed the humours in the film. Never had I laughed so hard over De Niro's performance over in front of the mirror... if you have seen TAXI DRIVER then you would get the joke. Michelle Pfeiffer was deliciously EVIL. The visual efx could have been better but soon you will forget about that and you are sucked into the characters and the story which I thought was an interesting take on fairy tales.

Recently, I caught Bourne. What a catch! A film that tightens your eyes to the gripping plot and the nearly non-stop action & thrilling sequences and only loosens them after the credit rolls. Matt Damon seems to be getting better and better but what I enjoyed most was seeing two veteran actors playing out, Joan Allen & David Strathairn.

Now, back to my work...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Blurring of Emotions

Love and Hatred... Happiness and Anger... Simple and easy to differentiate those emotions in words but how do one conducts with loved ones, friends, colleagues, clients and strangers is where others would be able to judge the person by.

Saddened I am today when I hear someone that is once close to me, treats me otherwise. A friend I consider the person to be once but in a working environment, things change. The person I considered a friend was promoted and happy I was for the person. Until... There is always one turning point in an enticing story, right? The person changed... errr... mutated! Power changes people... power corrupts... Yep! Another cliche... sad to say but it's true.

Yes, due to the problem with my feet, I had to leave my job and yet there is a certain quarter that seems to hold a grudge for my early resignation. Why?

For that, emotions have blurred the person as a professional. One should not mix personal grudges with the professional job at hand. In the end, the young kids become the casualties because of the corrupted way the person is handling the personal grudge. Should they be the casualties? At this point, I am angry. Angry at the person for being lost in the person's own personal grudge towards me, using the power granted to the person to banish me and in turn, the act only hurts the young kids!! Can't the person just pull out and look at the destruction that the person is creating!

Once I too held the power the person is having now, I never considered it as power as I treat everybody the same as I want myself to be treated, equal and not by the pyramidal hierarchy. This is how I work as a director also. The only thing that I am particular is communication among the colleagues and me is transparent and clear. I am a straight shooter and that is what I hope the people surrounding me also. Being Asian would not be as easy to be as transparent to the next as possible but we can always try because that would minimize grudges... unless the person already is envious that I was holding the position. Hmmmm...

All Hail to the the one on the throne....Errr.... All Hell to the one on the throne... (Better!)