Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Gratitude to CHOICE

John Badalu SMS'd me last week requesting a DVD copy of CHOICE as he wanted my little work to be shown in India next month and he wrote that he'll try to arrange with the organizer to fly me over. The second part about flying me over, at the time I took it lightly as who would want to fly me over to talk about a short film.

Well, today looks like flying to India is slowly materializing and I'm at awe with what CHOICE has given me. Firstly, I have to thank John for arranging all this in making it possible for this upcoming trip. He was the one who requested for CHOICE to be shown at his Q Fest in Jakarta two years ago(I think) and also at Girl Pride Asia in Phuket last year.

CHOICE is considered as a departure for me in terms of stylistic and aesthetic sense. At that time, I felt I had to tell this particular story and I just made it happened. Without the participation of my actors (Naomi, Brigette, Henry and Maher) and my technical crew (Jon Yap, Chin Hor, Alfred Pang and others), I would not have gotten CHOICE made. My gratitude to the people that put up their time and patience for me to be able to create the honesty that I needed to portray in CHOICE. More importantly also, my wife, Jennifer who puts up with my temperaments to see to that that I have the space to create. CHOICE was born out of questions, hypocrisies and provocations and I thank you for taking me this far. Here's a little more about CHOICE: The Making, The Style, The Process, The Conclusion.