Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Gray Day That Reflects Back My Emotional State

It has been pouring tears the whole day since the morning. Rightly, it reflects my feelings for the day. I read the news last night and still trying to accept that I will no longer be able to see another masterpiece from a master filmmaker.


I have begun to read MINGHELLA ON MINGHELLA two years ago and recently, I read it again and what I find is a filmmaker who is intelligent, appreciative and generous in sharing his feelings and knowledge about his personal craft in writing and directing. His insights into his works are invaluable to all the new filmmakers out there. His appreciation with the people that he works with is genuine and heartfelt. My Talented Mr. Ripley DVD arrived last week and I devour through the film for the first time again since the last I saw it in the cinema years ago and I find the film as entertaining as the first time I saw it. A late bloomer I am in appreciating Minghella's films. I remember my first experience of The English Patient which I happened to catch it at the now defunct REX cinema in Kuala Lumpur when I first got back to Malaysia. I loved the film but it was one that simmered and slow boiled until about two years ago for me to really really appreciate the enormity of the theme and his ability as a master storyteller in weaving through time and space to tell a love story that will never be in an intimate sensitive way without resorting to overly melodramatize the relationships. I was in Vancouver in 2004 and I remembered how badly I wanted to catch Cold Mountain. I got to watch it in Downtown Vancouver and again, I remembered liking the film a lot but only recently, I appreciated the film more than before.Well, I have to face the fact that there will never be another film from him and therefore,

May you rest in peace, Anthony Minghella...