Saturday, August 08, 2009

Great Grate

I am cynical. The gray area is where I reside to keep myself observant to my surroundings, hoping that I would be more capable to absorb bad falls. I am human. Only a human. OUCH!! Yep. A human. Pinched myself hard to stupidly prove that I am but only of flesh and blood. I make mistakes in judgments and hopefully I will never again fall into the same shit holes again.

I also believe in darkness, there will always be light and that is where I am heading, the light. As I was dwindling downwards over my failed project, I had the opportunity to redeem myself by recently directing two music videos. In dwelling darkness, I appreciate to be in the shower of light as it breathes a sense of living back to me. To exist, is to be able to negotiate through the light and dark and how I wish but as I am only a human, to be able to reside permanently in the gray.

It was a decision that I made. Always the rights and wrongs that one make that determine the direction that one is heading towards either the light or dark, rarely gray because decision is an action and gray is inaction. A cause will always have its effect. Ying will always have its Yang. The nature of this existence.

Decided I did to go to a fashion show a few months ago at One Utama with my wife that had this domino effect to what I have accomplished today. A chance meeting with Dominique and his talents on that night and how he decided to trust me to hold acting lessons to his talents and later, the trickled down effect to the directing of the two music videos, and again it was all due to the trust Dominique put on me. For that, Dominique, I thank you. Grateful I am with the trust that you have given to PATJENN FILM.

Trust? Easy word, right? How can trust be measured or quantified?
It’s not that easy anymore, right?
to be continued...