Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Whirlwind of Incidents & A Memorable Past

Great to be back writing again. The past few months have been a whirlwind of incidents that happened. Finally, I have left my teaching position due to Plantar Fasciitis(something to do with my flat feet due to long hours of standing and walking)and I directed a reality TV show which would air it's 1st episode tomorrow night over on NTV7 at 9.30pm called THE FIRM. I directed the show from episode 6 onwards. Apart from that, our newly established company has been busy with the NOKIA Wireless Adventure and we are helming another reality TV show. Yep! My second round of reality show and I'm getting a hang of the format. I am grateful that I am able to keep myself these busy only sidelined by my feet problem.

This black & white photo freezes a part of history that I cherish a lot. Yep... I am on the far right of the photo and I had hair and was skinnier too.
I received a call from the college after I have graduated for a year to attend a function. I felt honored that the college remembered me for my contribution of my short film, EXIT. The function was the Eastman Kodak Company Second Century Award where Edward James Olmos (The one in the middle with the moustache; Bladerunner, Stand & Deliver, American Me, the current Battlestar Galactica TV series & many others)) was given the award for his effort in helping and supporting kids living in depressed environment.
The event was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel and in attendance was Tom Selleck, Andy Garcia(photo on the far left; The Untouchables, Jennifer 8, Ocean 11 & 13 & many more) and Robert Wise(One of my favourite director of The Sound Of Music, The Haunting, West Side Story and the editor to my favourite film, Citizen Kane) I remembered talking and discussing about his films and my fondest memory of him was he was a small man but he had a great heart and patience in sharing his experience with me. Robert Wise has since passed away but he has left us with a treasure trove of classic films to remember him by. I had the opportunity to discuss films with Andy Garcia and also Edward James Olmos and those memory will be cherished for a long time to come... unless senility hits me young! ;) Glad to be back!!