Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well… It has been quite a while the last time I wrote. Preoccupied I am to try to jumpstart our company when all came to a halt after our sponsor pulled out from WORLDSTARS and how much the project meant to me and devastated I was completely.

After that fiasco, PATJENN FILM came back with a blast with a slew of little projects that kept us going and busy. I am grateful to Dom for giving me the opportunity to coach acting again and then the chance to produce and direct two music videos for Soo Wincci.

Then came Miss Malaysia Universe 2009 and MIFA 2009 which was indeed a blessing in disguise and we got to be able to work with Syeba again.

2009 ended with a nice project with Manulife where we put our heart and soul into creating a nice corporate video, a vision & mission video and Jenn composed an unforgettable tune for their theme song. All in all, 2009 was not too bad.

With 2010, I wanted a big change so Jenn and I can concentrate in making and expanding our little company, PATJENN FILM into a more striving business. We changed our business card with a completely new look and logo and we also softly launched our websit

The biggest change is I decided with Jenn to move out of our little comfort zone of Puchong to a more nicer place on the other side of town and our kids are now in a new school, and I am glad that they are adjusting to the change which Jenn and I hope that it will greatly improve our FENG SHUI.

Thank you 2009 and HELLO 2010… ;D


At 12:43 PM , Blogger Jessy Isabelle Man said...

i start to like to read your's so personal and touching...your family and company will certainly be blessed with properity.


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