Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We, homo-sapiens have co-existed, endured and tolerated with a great many diseases throughout history and modern science has greatly assisted us to eradicate or suppress a great many diseases. Now, now, there is one disease elusive to science and naturally infused in the DNA of us that it will probably take another millennia for it to be evolved over.

You would ask… naturally what type of disease? The answer is there are still plenty of diseases out there that aren’t been discovered yet. This particular disease exists in all of us irrespective of race or religion. Have I perked your interest?

Hypocrisy is the disease. Disagree? Let’s look at it first before concluding an opinion.

Let us look at TRUTH. A glass is half filled with water. Is it half full or half empty? Both can be deemed as true. Then, truth can be half truth also. So, is there an ultimate truth?Ultimate truth would probably lies between the unbiased position of the half full and half empty. Most of us, homo-sapiens leave the ultimate truth to GOD and the organization of religions. Hypocrisy begins to fester once we leave it to an extension out of ourselves to decide our opinion of an ultimate truth. Are we so naïve that we do not trust to look inwards to ourselves to decide what’s right or wrong? Once we look outwards, things begin to complicate with a barrage of opinions that are based on a specific religious context and you become a follower to that context rather than your own context. Politics is another avenue that falls within the same context.
To be continued...