Sunday, September 16, 2007

Personal Reflection

A long while it has been since the last time I penned my little blog and how I missed doing so. THE FIRM has completed its run on NTV7 and currently, I've been preoccupied with a new TV project which will be aired on STARWORLD, September 22nd. The post production for the 1st 3 episodes have been occupying my time as I wanted them to be as good as they can be. Of course, they have been delivered and there are still room for improvements but for a director like me, I'm never quite satisfied with my works. There will always be spaces to improve on and so forth.

I found my passion for directing back when I began working on THE FIRM. Well, the directing itch has never gone away, it laid dormant with occasional itches resurfacing when I made KILLERVATOR, CHOICE, ECHOES & TRUE. That was also due to my full time job as a lecturer. When I had my feet problem & also a supportive urge from my wife to pursue my directing career, I realized that it was high time for me to reboot my passion.

THE FIRM was an interesting project to work on as I am only co-piloting with the creator of the show, Ng Ping Ho. I enjoyed myself while I was working on the 5 episodes. Restraining myself on many occasions taught me a lesson in humility. My previous projects always had me as the main pilot and I was always in control and coming to this project, THE FIRM, I knew I had to completely 'detach' and also 'attach' myself to the project. Where Ping Ho is meticulous, I am more instinctive. So there is already a different style between the both of us but that was what made it fun to work with. There was never an ego trip because I find Ping Ho's well-mannered approach to everything very easy to work with. Since this was Ping Ho's baby, I held myself as more of an assistant for him to achieve the results that he wanted. Of course, along the way there were mistakes that I made but I learnt from them, I hope...

In THE FIRM, there was the luxury of 4 to 5 days in producing an episode of the show, the latest project that I'm doing currently, we have only one day to produce an episode so there are different challenges that my wife and I are facing but there are all worth it.

My life has changed a full 180 degrees as I run my own company now together with my wife and it is far more challenging and far more satisfying.Past, present and future collide in the stream of my mind to push, mould and form the person that I was, I am and the one that I will be. Past is my pillars of foundation, the present informs me what that is, that is and the future propels the notion of the person that what will be, will be. Que sera, que sera...

Thank you for everything that has happened and also that will happen with an abundance of strawberries and smiles.... ;D