Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas is arriving... snowstorm is wrecking havoc in Europe... Wikileaks is the in news... Republicans are controlling the House... MRT is coming... The year 2010 is coming to an end and we are in the midst of welcoming 2011.

My observation as so far of my age of 41, human beings are generally selfish. The writer is included. We live for our own benefit. The fortunates will always want the status quo and in so doing, will always want to keep the unfortunates be where they are. The fortunates would not want contamination from a cross over.

We are seeing that Malaysia is trying to lure our own homegrown talents back from overseas to further expand and move our country into a progressive future. How about the ones that are in the country now? What efforts are there to keep the talents in here from leaving before the creation of luring the outsides back in? Malaysia in general, do not recognize the vast talents that we have instead we are known to have a lot of nonsensical people put into positions that they are not at all qualified to be at.

Our money is flowing to people that do not have the responsibilities to the investors and to add salt to the wound, this money given out are grants!!! It means the irresponsibles do not have to pay back to the government!!! What they do with the money.... buy new expensive cars, overpay to their cronies, etc... I am saddened by these turn of events as these grants could have been given to people who are far more deserving and people that could use this money to really push the technology or products to the global stage... instead using it to their selfish deeds...
And we wonder why the talents do not want to come back...

Let us reflect back why our Malaysia could have been more to the world then where she is now. Why are our neighbours fare much better than us?

My hope is dashed as I thought I saw changes around the world could have an impact for the better but it is the same old, same old. Hard habits to break. Our world economy is still looming towards a collapse... Governments of the world are still not reacting fast enough to the changes... Wars are still imminent...

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011... ;)


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