Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A lecturer, I have been for the past 6 years. Am I still passionate in the profession that have been supporting my family and I? Am I facing an erected wall or are my methods a relic to students today?

I hate to teach!!!

I love to share and discuss!!!

Teaching is a one way stream of information going top, from the teacher down to the students. I have never really found this method of teaching effective as there is a certain condescending effect towards the students. My belief has always been when a person steps into an institution of higher learning, the person should be considered an adult and should be rightly treated like one. He/She should be responsible for their own success or failure.

Sharing my knowledge to the students has always been my modus operandi as a lecturer. I would prefer to see students as equals rather than small kids. Discussions give me a certain insights and understanding into students' lifestyles today. Try, I have to always create a two way communication between the students and I. When I share, I learn in return. That has always been a major factor and fuel for me in this profession.

Lately, I'm facing students that are close to being catatonic. Quite a big number but so few that would be generous to share their opinions in class. I want students that are able to think for themselves and defend their thoughts if they find that my ideas are in contradiction to theirs. I love to see them strive harder in challenging the current state of minds. I love to debate and argue constructively on subjects with them. They should not be afraid of me. I have never given them that sense of penalizing their marks if they go against me, in fact I love it if they challenge me. I need that stimulation to fire up that passion in sharing my knowledge.

Let us track back to the beginning, I have come to believe that everything has a cycle to life. There are semesters where I get the most productive students and there semesters where I get none at all. The passion is still there but more and more, I want to be able to produce and direct my own films. I would love to share my knowledge again when I'm in my twilight years but for now, I need to fulfill my lifelong dream to be involved in the film industry when I still have the stamina to do it. It will remain a dream for now until somebody recognizes the potentiality of my works.

To the young minds of today, to be able to challenge constructively will only bring many benefits to you. Keep yourselves informed with the affairs of the world and you will be rewarded in tokens of knowledge. You can only be truly free if you are well-informed. PEACE.....