Sunday, May 17, 2009


The dark side of our ego that is in us manifests in ways that one needs “mirror” to reflect back the ugliness that one has done. The “mirror” is someone that has a clear mind in seeing what you have done and tells it as it is.

I am first of all only but flesh and blood and that, I am only a human. Flaws stack over flaws. Stubborn runs deep in my blood. Upon that, I confess that with my ego I took up a project in which I thought could assist in propelling my company to a more prominent position. Greed was not the factor but my confidence is that I could deliver a very good programme that will showcase what PATJENN FILM can offer which is to tell good stories.

The project was a BAD APPLE from the get go. From this vantage point now, I am able to evaluate clearly the worms that are rotting the apple. The biggest problem was there was no centralized control over the project. The event is handled by one other company, the TV project is handled by us, and the all consuming supposedly people’s agency that wants to have all the glory for virtually nothing. How does one get sponsors in when all is not centralized?

A sponsor we did finally get but we got SCREWED big time when just on the eve of our LIVE show for TV, the irresponsible sponsor pulled out, leaving us in a HUGE DEBT to the people that have put their trust and hard work in the project.

First and foremost, my wife, Jenn has always been the LIGHTHOUSE and the PILLAR of my life. Due to my stubbornness, I relied on my instinct (most times, it’s off the marks) to trudge through this troubled project by acting on our strength which is honesty and integrity. I am wrong. I am wrong. Jenn had warned me early on but I persisted on. My deepest apology and gratitude to Jenn.
To all the others, Asaph Sia, Martyn, Ronnie, Liang, Sean, Jehan, Vanessa and all the others that we owe this HUGE DEBT, let me own up my mistakes and my deepest apologies to all of you. My deepest gratitude for the understanding and my promise is that we will settle the debt. Time is what I am asking for. Thank you. Thank you.